[webkit-dev] GeolocationService::startUpdating question

Greg Bolsinga bolsinga at apple.com
Mon Nov 3 10:54:05 PST 2008

I'm again replying to a web page, so I apologize for the mail quoting  

> Hey, I have another GeolocationService question and wonder if  
> someone could shed some light into the situation. Geolocation.cpp is  
> invoking GeolocationService::startUpdating, if the  
> GeolocationService implementation is returning false it is treated  
> as Permission denied. The questions I have are: - Can lastError be  
> checked as well? E.g. there might be no provider and the service  
> just returned false because of that? - Should the error message move  
> to LocalizedStrings?  	- If one looks at the mozilla mockup/ 
> implementation the permission check might go through the  
> userinterface. Which means we might want to do something like we do  
> in the FrameLoaderClient for policy checks?

I think your questions here are more applicable to the geolocation  
mailing list, which you can find linked via the Geoloation spec.

My answers:

1) lastError will be set when there is an error, so in this case it  
will be set for PERMISSION_ERROR.
2) The discussion on the mailing list is that the error message is not  
localized and pretty much only for developers. (See the latest  
10/27/2008 for the wording).
3) The geolocation spec allows the native platform code to determine  
and display UI for permission checks. There is discussion on the  
mailing list now whether or not this is correct. Personally, I think  
it is correct. If this spec starts to mandate UI, it may diverge from  
the platform's UI for location permission / security. This will dilute  
the security, because it doesn't match what the platform itself may  

-- Greg

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