[webkit-dev] Geolocation questions

Greg Bolsinga bolsinga at apple.com
Mon Nov 3 10:51:28 PST 2008

I've just subscribed to this list, so I'm responding to a web page. So  
I apologize for no real quotes here. So I'll paraphrase:

1) What about GeolocationService::create()?

I submitted this change with the minimal amount of files. I see now  
that for many other platform code implementations, they add empty  
platform code. I see that in later patches for gtk you got past this  
by defining ENABLE_GEOLOCATION when building. I'm open to removing the  
empty virtual methods from GeolocationService.h and the  
GeolocationService::create in the non ENABLE_GEOLOCATION case in  
GeolocationService.cpp. This would require adding empty files that  
have notImplemented() implementations for all platforms.

2) The Geoposition passed as raw pointer.

I think this is correctly implemented, but there may be bugs that were  
missed in the code review. If you find any, please file bugs with  
"Geolocation" in them somewhere so my Bugzilla search will find them.

-- Greg

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