[webkit-dev] Query, request, intrusion, save me from darkness

Mark Rowe mrowe at apple.com
Sun May 4 19:36:48 PDT 2008

Hi there,

On 04/05/2008, at 19:33, Alarik W. Skarstrom wrote:

> I am getting on in years and my eyesight is not what it has been.  
> This means that I have certain problems using Safari (and iCal, for  
> that matter--with its absurdly small type).
> Is it really necessary, aesthetically or graphically, to have black  
> type embedded in charcoal gray window frames? It is nearly  
> impossible for me to discern the labels in the Bookmarks bar as the  
> type and matrix nearly match one another. And the type is very  
> small. And there is no way to modify it.
> With all the advances that Safari makes and the cunning that goes  
> into it, wouldn't it be possible to provide, say, rheostat that  
> would allow one to increase and decrease the darkness of the window  
> frame? And similarly, a dial permitting one to enlarge the type  
> size? Variants on the slider in the Font Book for example.
> Safari is unusable to me at the moment, and I must rely on the  
> perhaps somewhat less sophisticated but certainly more legible Camino.
> I propose these tiny modifications in the spirit of increasing user  
> friendliness.

These sound like perfectly reasonable enhancement requests.  As the  
requests relate to Safari, rather than WebKit, you should file an  
enhancement request in Apple's bug reporting system at <http://bugreport.apple.com/ 



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