[webkit-dev] Query, request, intrusion, save me from darkness

Alarik W. Skarstrom acies at mindspring.com
Sun May 4 19:33:20 PDT 2008


Please bear with me.

I have no business on this list insofar as I have no software skills  
whatsoever. However, coming here, perhaps I can address a subject that  
I can find no other way of raising.

I am getting on in years and my eyesight is not what it has been. This  
means that I have certain problems using Safari (and iCal, for that  
matter--with its absurdly small type).

Is it really necessary, aesthetically or graphically, to have black  
type embedded in charcoal gray window frames? It is nearly impossible  
for me to discern the labels in the Bookmarks bar as the type and  
matrix nearly match one another. And the type is very small. And there  
is no way to modify it.

With all the advances that Safari makes and the cunning that goes into  
it, wouldn't it be possible to provide, say, rheostat that would allow  
one to increase and decrease the darkness of the window frame? And  
similarly, a dial permitting one to enlarge the type size? Variants on  
the slider in the Font Book for example.

Safari is unusable to me at the moment, and I must rely on the perhaps  
somewhat less sophisticated but certainly more legible Camino.

I propose these tiny modifications in the spirit of increasing user  


I'll go quietly.

All the best,


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