[webkit-dev] Changes to keyboard event handling

Fabian Jakobs fabian.jakobs at 1und1.de
Thu Mar 27 04:22:19 PDT 2008

Alexey Proskuryakov schrieb:
>   I've just landed a patch that brings our keyboard event processing model
> much closer to that of Internet Explorer:
> <http://trac.webkit.org/projects/webkit/changeset/28620>. This fixes some
> bugs that couldn't be sanely fixed otherwise, and will hopefully make lives
> of Web developers easier, as they won't have to worry about that many
> different models.
>   The patch comes with a long ChangeLog, and I'm also going to write a more
> approachable overview soon. Most changes have to do with what events are
> dispatched (e.g., keypress is no longer dispatched for Tab or arrow keys),
> and when default processing takes place (e.g., pressing Space on a button
> now fires onclick when releasing the key).
>   I have tried to apply as many of the changes as I could to non-Apple
> ports, but I'm pretty sure that it wasn't enough. I'd be happy to help with
> figuring out what needs to be done in other ports, please do catch me on
> IRC, e-mail me, etc!
> - WBR, Alexey Proskuryakov.
How can I decide if the WebKit my JavaScript runs on is using the new or 
the old key handling? Is there a way to determine it e.g. from the user 
agent string?

Best Fabian

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