[webkit-dev] GSoC question

james leung james.leung at ualberta.ca
Tue Mar 25 09:19:08 PDT 2008


I'm a computing science student who's been a long-time user of the
Webkit nightly builds, and since Webkit has joined GSoC this year, I'm
really interested in doing a project with it. I have a decent
knowledge of C (I've coded a few small web servers that implemented a
minimal subset of HTTP 1.1), and as my friends can attest, a fanatical
supporter of Webkit in general. I was intrigued in the DHTML and ARIA
UI projects because they're personally interesting to me, and the SVG
compliance bugs. For the former, links to bug pages and the Mozilla
docs were provided, but I was wondering if there was any additional
information. I'm still picking my way through the bugs linked on that
page, so if said information is found there, I apologize for not
getting there yet.

Also, I was wondering whether someone with my background (ie. 2-3
years of C with ~3 years of undergrad comp sci experience, no
experience with contributing to the Webkit project as of yet) could
become sufficiently familiar with the areas of the codebase necessary
to work on the DHTML/ARIA and/or SVG projects. Am I going to be
completely out of my league? Will be youthful naivity be painfully
crushed by the monolithic reality of the abyss that is SVG? Inquiring
mind(s) wish to know.


-james l

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