[webkit-dev] Questions of WebKit Architecture

Alp Toker alp at nuanti.com
Tue Mar 25 06:18:01 PDT 2008

손석배[단말개발담당] wrote:
> Dear All,
> I've recently started analyzing WebKit for porting it onto a proprietry 
> embedded platform.
> I've tried to find documents about WebKit for about a week, but failed.
> Would anyone please let me know where I can find the document about 
> WebKit architecture?
> Especially, the picture of WebKit architure would be very helpful, if 
> there is any.
> And in-depth analysis of WebCore (directory structures, components, 
> etc.) would be very helpful too.

There isn't really much high-level documentation available.

There are some basic diagrams of WebKit overall layout and WebKit/GTK+
class design in these slides:


> Thank you in advance!!
> Seokbae
> * P.S. BTW, Is cairo engine included in the WebKit? It doesn't look like 
> so, but someone told me it is so and I'm confused..
> (Well, GTK+ port assumes cairo engine, but still it is not included in 
> the WebKit and cairo's not the official graphic engine for WebKit 
> expcept for SVG, isn't it?)

The Cairo graphics backend used for all rendering including HTML
content, SVG and Canvas in the GTK+ port is in WebKit SVN. We have a
summary of the code modules (complete with links to the sources) in the


The actual Cairo library isn't bundled with WebKit. You can download and
install this separately from http://www.cairographics.org/

You need Cairo 1.4 or newer and should ideally use the latest release.


the browser experts

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