[webkit-dev] Questions of WebKit Architecture

=?ks_c_5601-1987?B?vNW8rrnoW7TcuLuws7nftOO0510=?= sbson at kt.com
Tue Mar 25 02:16:04 PDT 2008

Dear All,

I've recently started analyzing WebKit for porting it onto a proprietry embedded platform.
I've tried to find documents about WebKit for about a week, but failed.

Would anyone please let me know where I can find the document about WebKit architecture?
Especially, the picture of WebKit architure would be very helpful, if there is any.
And in-depth analysis of WebCore (directory structures, components, etc.) would be very helpful too.

Thank you in advance!!


* P.S. BTW, Is cairo engine included in the WebKit? It doesn't look like so, but someone told me it is so and I'm confused..
(Well, GTK+ port assumes cairo engine, but still it is not included in the WebKit and cairo's not the official graphic engine for WebKit expcept for SVG, isn't it?)
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