[webkit-dev] interested in js speed-up

ToolmakerSteve toolmakersteve98 at shawstudio.com
Sun Mar 23 22:37:37 PDT 2008

Akos Kiss-2 wrote:
> Oh, you must be surely right. Let's stop all alternative development 
> works. The new motto is: "One size fits all".
> BR,
> -Akos
> PS: Sorry, I could not refrain from responding.

No worries. If you read through the end of the thread to see what I already
posted later on, I clarify [or hope I did] that I was genuinely curious
about the worth of further effort on the current Javascript, versus putting
that effort into the next generation. Granted, my comment about instead
putting work into Tamarin evolution showed my naivete/lack of knowledge of
both the limitations of Tamarin, and the efforts behind other Javascript
implementations such as the webkit one.

Do you think there will be a substantial ongoing role for Javascript 1.5 (or
whatever version we are talking about here)? Or is it simply that it is too
early to think about "Javascript 2" (ECMAScript 4), given that it isn't even
standard yet? Doesn't really matter to me .. I'm on to ES4 regardless. I
just stumbled across webkit, and was curious to hear what thinking there was
for the future.

I really want to see kick-a** implementations of ES4. I have in mind using
it on both client and server, in a unified manner similar to Microsoft's
Volta, to have a simpler overall web development model than I do currently.
I also hope to use global type inference combined with type annotations
where necessary, to constrain my use of ES4 to semantics that can be
efficiently pre-compiled down to statically bound code, such as Microsoft's
CLR. My interest is educational/multilingual uses of interactive multimedia
on next generation mobile devices.

I welcome dialogue :)
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