[webkit-dev] interested in js speed-up

Akos Kiss akiss at inf.u-szeged.hu
Thu Mar 13 01:21:44 PDT 2008

Oh, you must be surely right. Let's stop all alternative development 
works. The new motto is: "One size fits all".


PS: Sorry, I could not refrain from responding.

ToolmakerSteve írta:
> Akos Kiss-2 wrote:
>> we got interested in speeding up the 
>> JavaScript engine of WebKit.
> But, But, the world is moving on to ECMAScript 4 / Javascript 2. Does it
> make sense to do anything other than to use, and to help improve, the open
> source Mozilla/Tamarin codebase? That will give you the next generation of
> functionality AND dramatic performance gains, if you use its tracing jit
> code branch. Improve that code branch, and everyone in the world wins!
> ~TMSteve

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