[webkit-dev] wx/Gtk+ and Network backends

Mike Emmel mike.emmel at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 10:55:31 PDT 2008

Hi I'm assuming that windows has a way to add file handles to the event loop ?
I've never done it.

As far as curl itself goes just to let you know what I'm doing.

Once ncurl is in say in a month or two I want to dig into curl and add
a call back for messages
this should remove a lot of the polling that is still going on. Once
this is done I think we can
get good numbers from curl for timeouts for the remaining polling. We
will always need a long
watchdog timeout and a small amount of polling.

After that I want to add the code to sniff a file type using

Example here.


It would be nice for the libmagic support to be in curl itself
but not important.

On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 10:43 AM, Daniel Zucker <zucker at wake3.com> wrote:
> Hi Holger,
> Another customer for the CURL backend used by Gtk+ and wx is the
> "Windows-Cairo" or "Native Windows" version.
> Brent Fulgham and I have been working on some patches to use this CURL code
> in this Windows version.  When all the patches are landed (if not already
> now) this CURL code will be fully functional on Windows.
> Being lazy programmers (speaking for myself at least :)), we would like to
> continue to leverage the CURL work from other ports as much as possible.  We
> look forward to continue sharing the current CURL code as well as add the
> upcoming support for authentication, web download, and possibly cookies.
> Cheers,
> Dan
> On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 10:25 AM, Holger Freyther <zecke at selfish.org> wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> > I'm a bit alarmed by the wild growth of network backends for the Gtk+
> port,
> > the pending patches in the bugtracker and the duplication of things that
> are
> > ahead and have already started.
> >
> > Currently we have a CURL backend shared by Gtk+ and wx. The good thing is
> it
> > is shared between the two ports. The bad things are. We have no GEventLoop
> > integration on Gtk+ and will poll curl with a timer. It lacks uploading of
> > files (a good looking patch is in the bug tracker), it lacks cookie
> handling
> > (also a good patch in the bug tracker), authentication is missing as well.
> >
> >
> > Recently a libsoup based backend got added. I assume it has event loop
> > integration, from blogs I know that upstream has looked into cookies.
> Which
> > probably leaves authentication, cookie management, form uploads, sync
> loading
> > of resources open as well.
> >
> >
> > Mike just proposed another CURL backend that will fix the above event loop
> > handling (from what I see).
> >
> >
> > The first bugs for CURL already have attachments like "Do this for SOUP as
> > well". So the duplication of effort already started.
> >
> >
> > What I like to have answered/see is:
> >        - Is it a strict requirement that Gtk+/WX share the same backend?
> (I think
> >          not)
> >
> >        - Can we please just use one backend for the Gtk+ port? We do not
> use DRT in
> > a sane way so it will be a hell to maintain three backends and make sure
> that
> > all of them have the same amount of features. E.g. the first consequence
> > would be to have three build bots running for the three backends..
> >
> >
> > So please before wasting more time on implementing the same things for
> > different backends let us wotk on one together. I do not care if it is
> > curl+glib, soup, neon...
> >
> >
> > z.
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