[webkit-dev] Re: Building GTK+ port on Win32

Alp Toker alp at nuanti.com
Thu Mar 13 18:04:01 PDT 2008

Joshua Chia wrote:
> Hi,
> How can I build the GTK+ port on Win32?  What do I need and what do I 
> type?  Also, is it independent of the non-open Support Libraries that 
> the Win32 port needs?

We documented what we did for an initial GTK+/Win32 WebKit port in this bug:


This week we landed the Pango font selection patch (originally by Sven 
Herzberg of Imendio, completed by Xan Lopez) which lets us use the 
native Windows font system rather than depending on FreeType/FontConfig 
on that platform.

I'm right now sat next to Tor Lillqvist (of GTK+/Win32 fame, Novell) at 
the GTK+ hackfest in Berlin reproducing the work against TOT so we can 
get these fixes landed. We're about half way through the build and have 
cooked up 4/5 patches so far.

WebKit/GTK+ for Windows doesn't use the proprietary support libraries. 
Building is typically done with mingw32, but cygwin should work and it 
could be interesting to support MSVC in the future.

I'll post an update to this thread when the changes are in.


the browser experts

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