[webkit-dev] problem compiling Torchmobile code

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Sun Mar 2 08:35:35 PST 2008

That's just cmd syntax.  Running that project through MSVS works just  
fine for us.

One thing we haven't documented yet is that you need to set the  
environment variable WebKitOutputDir, and make sure perl and gnuwin32  
are in your path.  I have also found that some other SDKs interfere  
with the build causing it to fail.  Once I backed out all dev tools  
not related to building this code it worked fine.  I'm not sure what  
was to blame, but my guess is something had installed alternative  
tools with the same names (such as another perl).

Once our code moves into a public repository - hopefully Monday or  
Tuesday - we will be able to give better instructions for building  
the code.

On 3-Mar-08, at 12:15 AM, David Kirkman wrote:

> Don't know if this is the best way place to post, but the source  
> was announced here, so here goes:
> Has anyone got this code to build?  I am having problems with  
> WebCore-ce pre-build event.  (with this not working, I can't get  
> the rest of the of the project to build)
> Specifically, the line starting with:
> for %%f in (..\dom\Attr.idl ..\page\BarInfo.idl ..\htm\CanvasGradient
> This line is confusing since it seems to share syntax from a dos  
> cmd shell and a cygwin bash shell (sometimes uses / and sometimes  
> uses \).
> Can anyone tell me how do you get the pre-build event to work  
> successfully?
> Here is what I have tried so far:
> -note that you need to remove the tmp directory so that the  
> commands get executed at all
> -tried executing as normal from VS—didn't work
> -tried adding /cygwin/bin to dos path—didn't work (though error was  
> different)
> -tried executing from within bash shell using msdev… commandline –  
> still didn't work (error was similar to above)
> The problem seems to be the mixing of the dos/cygwin syntax.
> Can someone tell me (especially the authors of the source):  How is  
> this intended to be run?
> Thanks.
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