[webkit-dev] Redesigning QWebHistory

Mohammed Sameer msameer at foolab.org
Tue Jun 17 09:32:00 PDT 2008


I'm currently writing a Qt/QtWebKit based browser.

I'm having a problem with QWebHistory. The class is not designed to be inherited.
I need to implement a custom QWebHistory "based" class mainly for 2 reasons:

1) I can save the browser session and later be able to restore it including the history.
Currently, I can't do this because the constructor doesn't allow me to do this and because
there's no method to do this.

2) Seems calling setHtml() doesn't add the QUrl passed to the page history. WebKit doesn't
support FTP for example and I'm trying to implement it by catching the unsupportedContent signal,
create "custom" HTML and feed it to webkit. The problem is they don't get added to the history.

So far, I can't finding a way to do neither because:
1) There's no setHistory() for QWebPage
2) The QWebHistory class is not written to be inheritable.

I'm neither a QtWebKit nor a WebKit expert but I'm willing to work on that.
I just don't know how to start ? Are there existing plans already ?

Any help is appreciated.


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