[webkit-dev] construct the dom tree of non Xml valid page

Adam Treat treat at kde.org
Sun Jun 8 07:22:28 PDT 2008

Hi Nina,

If I understand correctly, you are loading a page in QtWebKit and then using 
the QWebFrame::toHtml() method to retrieve the actual markup which is missing 
closing tags.  

If the html is missing *all* closing tags then this sounds like a bug in the 
toHtml method.  If the html is missing only *some* closing tags then this is 
not remarkable as of course the html does not need to be well formed for 
webkit to display it.

This is hard to know since we have no details about what page you are 
trying to load and or any other details that normally go into a bug report.  

If you believe you've discovered a bug then by all means fill out a bug on 
bugs.webkit.org. This website is not the right place for these kinds of bug 


On Sunday 08 June 2008, nina wrote:
> Thanks David  for response,
> I want to load an html page with webkit then contruct his dom tree, I
> use Qt4.4 which integrate Webkit.
> QWebView v;
> QString frameText = v . page() -> mainFrame() -> toHtml();  ////Loading the
> page
> void Charger::Dom-tree(QDomNode node) ////Function which construct dom
> tree for html page loaded
> {
>   if  (node.hasChildNodes ())
>         {
>            listnode = node.childNodes();
>            for(i=0; i<listnode.length() ; i++) {
>                                                   e = node.toElement();
> Dom-tree(listnode.item(i)); }
>         }
> }
> This failed, because there is some missing closings tags !!!
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