[webkit-dev] WebKit memory management?

Paul Pedriana ppedriana at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 12:22:22 PDT 2008

I am honestly sorry for any poor tone; it is not intended. Email has a 
way of doing this kind of thing, and I was hoping that my other 
statements of how I am otherwise impressed with the quality of WebKit 
might help make up for this. I didn't mean to say that because it's 
common in commercial libraries that people working on WebKit don't have 
experience in commercial libraries. I meant to use commercial libraries 
as a good design precedent to follow and which I believe WebKit is not 
currently aligned with. I can understand how the latter statement may be 
interpreted by some as the former.

I am not expecting somebody else to work on this. I would completely 
take this on myself, though I expect others may have useful suggestions 
and improvements. Actually I wish I could contribute even more to this 
project, though my current employment keeps me busy enough that this is 
hard to do.


> I can understand that some developers who have spent a lot of time 
> developing monolithic desktop or server software are used to using the 
> built-in global operator new. The concept of controlling memory like I 
> am proposing is the rule in commercial library development and not the 
> exception. I humbly ask that the WebKit team consider migrating 
> towards this type of development. It will make WebKit considerably 
> stronger outside the desktop market, and yet is rather easy to apply. 
> It's largely a matter of accepting an idea that is a little different 
> from what some have done in the past.
> Your tone here stinks. Many others working on WebKit are 
> professionals, probably with more commercial library experience than 
> you, and many of the WebKit contributors work on software for 
> constrained mobile devices.
> That having been said, I think this is a great suggestion. Are you 
> willing to do this work, or are you expecting someone else to do it?
>     -- Darin

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