[webkit-dev] Missing JavaScriptCore/Platform.h

Erik Walter erik.walter at ebooktechnologies.com
Mon Jul 14 13:44:49 PDT 2008

I'm clearly doing something wrong here, but I'm a bit baffled at what...

I just wanted to build the WebCore.xcodeproj that's in WebKit/ 
WebCore.  But when I do so it fails trying to do an include of  
<JavaScriptCore/Platform.h> from wtf/Platform.h from config.h

I gotta believe this stuff works for other people, any thoughts on  
what I've bunged up to break this?

For the record, the JavaScriptCore.xcodeproj in Webkit/JavaScriptCore  
DOES build for me okay.  And so does the script in WebKitTools/Scripts/ 

- Erik

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