[webkit-dev] r35040 -- issue with gtk

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Thu Jul 10 10:07:03 PDT 2008

On Jul 10, 2008, at 9:58 AM, Refstrup, Jacob Grundtvig wrote:

> With your recent change (r35040) to KURL.cpp in setRef() (line 708)  
> testing for isNull() rather than isEmpty() caused a problem on GTK  
> where called setRef("") which ends up being not being null (but  
> would have been empty). This currently causes all file:// references  
> to have added a '#' at the end of the URL -- which means file://  
> URLs won't load. The immediately obvious fix is to change WebCore/ 
> platform/network/curl/ResourceHandleManager.cpp:558 to use  
> setRef(String()) rather than setRef(""). I grepped the code and  
> there's a single other place (WebCore/page/ 
> AccessibilityRenderObject.cpp) that uses setRef("") -- not sure if  
> that'll have to be changed to.

We should definitely fix this!

Maybe we should add a removeRef or clearRef function to the KURL class  
for uses like these, to make the caller's intent clear. It would also  
be slightly more efficient.

     -- Darin

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