[webkit-dev] WebKit Fails to build in XCode 3.1

Samuel Davis sjd_net at mac.com
Thu Jul 3 06:24:21 PDT 2008

Hi Mark, Hi David

Your guidance is much appreciated on this issue - thanks!

I have examined the *copystrings* script file on my machine, which  
happens to be a Ruby script, and the part where the command *iconv* is  
used is shown below:

# Convert the input file to the output encoding (usually UTF-16); the  
output location is normally in the Resources directory of the product.
     system('iconv --from-code="' + OPTIONS[:InputEnc] + '" --to- 
code="' + OPTIONS[:OutputEnc] + '" "' + path + '" > "' +  
OPTIONS[:OutputDir] + '/' + pathBaseName + '"')
     if $?.termsig then $stderr.puts "#{File.basename($0)}: error:  
iconv terminated with signal #{$?.termsig}" ; exit 1 ; end
     exit $?.exitstatus unless $?.exitstatus == 0

 From what I can see, I would interpret it as shown below:

[-f fromcode]  is equivalent to '--from-code=" ' + OPTIONS[:InputEnc]'

[-t tocode]  is equivalent to ' " --to-code="' + OPTIONS[:OutputEnc] +  
' "

[file ...]  is equivalent to "' + path + '" > "' + OPTIONS[:OutputDir]  
+ '/' + pathBaseName + '"')

Here is the Man pages synopsis:

        iconv [-c] [-s] [-f encoding] [-t encoding] [inputfile ...]
        iconv -l

There seems to be some inconsistencies here!   And, I would conclude  
that there is a mis-match in the syntax between them.

I previously forgot to mention that I had updated my XCode tool chain  
between the time I was able to build and the time that I wasn't able  
to build (i.e. now!).   I had a look at the WebKit pages and all it  
says is that XCode 2.3 or later is required to build.  So I would  
assume that my installation of XCode 3.1 should be okay.  But it  
appears not to be!

Could it be that XCode 3.1 can't build WebKit?

So far I have updated my SVN Client, deleted my local WebKit trunk  
(with rm -rf), Installed a brand new copy of the WebKit trunk, but the  
problem still persist!  I'm not able to build on my machine.

I would appreciate any further ideas that you might have that would  
help me to solve this most annoying problem.

Best regards,


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