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Jean-Charles VERDIE (Pleyo) jcverdie at
Sun Jan 13 12:49:17 PST 2008


Le 12 janv. 08 à 08:51, Mark Rowe a écrit :
>> Another immediate need is if you did this I'd like to ask Pleyo to
>> move there development over
>> to this new open git server. Pleyo has done some fairly innovative
>> work but they have diverged
>> from the main tree and it would take time and effort to take some of
>> there ideas and adopt them
>> to the mainline code base. I'm not speaking for Pleyo but its a shame
>> that their work has no easy
>> way to make it back into the mainline development tree.
> As far as I am aware they have made little effort to contribute  
> changes back.  Pleyo has been more than willing to merge changes  
> from trunk WebKit, or even unfinished patches in Bugzilla, so  
> claiming they need git to make submitting changes possible feels  
> very much like blaming the tools for a social problem.

Sorry to interfere in your discussion :)
Mike- I'm not sure we need git at Pleyo, and I am reluctant to the  
idea that having git would miraculously solve the problem of proposing  
our changes to the community. I have, weeks ago, asked again and again  
for some kind of access to the official repository, whether a branch  
or whatever so that we can start showing of that our changes do not  
"break everything" and are not "that far away", so that the community  
can assess what is worth being merged and what is not.
On the other hand, Mark, I don't think it's fair to say that in the  
current state of both webkit trunk and our version, we could simply  
deposit patchs on bugzilla and that it would be the solution, we have  
too many changes which are often related to each others, so I assume  
that it would not work, which is why I made the request mentioned above.
I have no answer yet wrt to this proposal so I assume it has not yet  
been rejected ;)

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