[webkit-dev] Re: WebKit graphics

Marc-Antoine Ruel maruel at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 12:36:10 PST 2008

Hi Alp,

About bug 16095 <http://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16095>, you wrote:


The added feature seems unusable since, even if the classes are subclassed,
there is still static code instantiating the base class in GraphicsContext. In
light of this, I think this patch is incomplete or wrong.


The thing is that GraphicsContext is never subclassed but "specialized"
Cairo, CG, Qt, Wx, etc. Every specialization have this kind of constructor:


GraphicsContext::GraphicsContext(PlatformGraphicsContext* context)
    : m_common(createGraphicsContextPrivate())
    , m_data(new GraphicsContextPlatformPrivate)


What this patch intends to do is to remove the need of m_data (at least for
most platforms) since the constructor could implement a subclass of
GraphicsContextPrivate (not GraphicsContext!), set the pointer in m_common
and not need a second memory allocation (m_data).

I hope it clears things up.

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