[webkit-dev] Help needed. WebKit with Windows XP

Ivan Shusky ijshusky at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 19 21:10:31 PST 2008

Hi Brent,
Thank you for your timely reply. I did set those environment variables but it did not work. Not sure what was wrong. I have deleted the entire project to start fresh for another run and it works.I currently still have 2 problems.
1) When try to patch file "webcore_win32fonts.patch", I got error saying:
can't find file to patch at input liPerhaps you used the wrong -p or --sThe text leading up to this was:--------------------------|Index: ChangeLog|===================================|--- ChangeLog  (revision 30391)|+++ ChangeLog  (working copy)--------------------------""
2) When I try to build the entire project I got this error message "fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'pthread.h': No such file or directory".
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