[webkit-dev] Re: [Q] License

Alp Toker alp at atoker.com
Thu Feb 7 22:22:05 PST 2008

George Staikos wrote:
>    Where are the specific bits of code relating to those platforms?  
> Most of them are not in svn.  For example, the collector, or the 
> workarounds for the broken cross-gcc versions.  I plan to contribute 
> back a bunch of those soon, but I have yet to see them elsewhere.   Or 
> do you just mean that it compiles but doesn't necessarily work properly?

On some platforms that lack CPU-specific code, the implementations in 
WebCore will fall back to simpler portable code or compiler intrinsics 
(I forget the exact cases but can look it up if you're interested).

This may not have been the case on the Safari-3-0 stable branch you've 
been working on which is some way behind TOT in portability.

I've seen success reports on several of these architectures, but any 
further fixes or enhancements are of course welcome.

I've also been working to port to mingw/Win32 and should have patches in 
a couple of weeks unless anyone beats me to it:

   Bug 16507: Build is broken with GCC on Windows

If you have any build fixes you should register your work on the bug 
tracker so the effort isn't duplicated by others.

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