[webkit-dev] webkit build with -g option

Srinivas Rao M Hamse msrinirao at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 05:42:46 PST 2008

Hi Mark/Oliver

> That does the same thing as running 'set-webkit-configuration --debug'
> followed by 'build-webkit', that is it also unsets NDEBUG which leads
> to assertions and logging code being compiled in.  I think the answer
> to the original question will depend on which port of WebKit (and thus
> which build system: Xcode, Visual Studio, Qmake, Autotools, or
> Bakefile) they are using.

Precisely the behavior with these two options are same. I want to disable
NDEBUG from my build.

I am trying to complie the r26699 build on linux with gtk port option on
Linux. Just want the line number information for debugging with gdb.

 ./build-webkit --gtk --debug

Srinivas Rao. M

> Kind regards,
> Mark

Srinivas Rao M Hamse <http://msrinirao.blogspot.com>
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