[webkit-dev] SquirrelFish Extreme for non x-86 platforms

Oliver Hunt oliver at apple.com
Thu Dec 25 01:07:54 PST 2008

On Dec 25, 2008, at 12:54 AM, Javed Rabbani wrote:

> This way the engine will run without JIT support. However, what to  
> do with memory allocation functions like VirtualAlloc() that are  
> only available on Windows? I mean to say, to run on embedded  
> platforms, what alternate has to exist that may provide the facility  
> of VirtualAlloc(). As far I have seen, the virtualAlloc() calls can  
> be disabled even on Windows by setting HAVE_VIRTUAL_ALLOC to 0 in  
> JSC/wtf/Platform.h. However, the garbage collection implementation  
> uses this particular call inside JSC/runtime/Collector.cpp  
> irrespective of HAVE_VIRTUAL_ALLOC being 0 or 1. Any suggestions on  
> this front?

That call to VirtualAlloc is inside a PLATFORM(WIN_OS) guard -- you  
should not be hitting it on a non-windows platform

> I have built Windows port with HAVE_VIRTUAL_ALLOC set to 0. But the  
> VirtualAlloc() call inside JSC/runtime/Collector.cpp if replaced  
> with fastMalloc() causes the WebKit to crash even on Windows.

This is basically expected -- as the code for other platforms should  
have also indicated the collector has important alignment requirements  
that fastMalloc does not guarantee.

I think to fix your issues you should work out why your platform is  
being reported as windows (PLATFORM(WIN_OS))


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