[webkit-dev] Hopefully new developer

Holger Freyther zecke at selfish.org
Thu Dec 18 03:11:20 PST 2008

On Wednesday 17 December 2008 05:57:17 ken perry wrote:
> I am working on a new PDA for the blind.  We run OE linux, and our GUI is
> wrote in python using a python widget UI toolkit that speaks and brailles
> to braille displays.  What I need to know is is WebKit engine seperate
> fully from the GUI?  I want to create something like WebKitGtk or WebKitQT
> but we of course would call it our WebKitTalk or something.  We do have x
> windows on the device but if WebKit can run just as the engine we could
> remove X win from the device totally and just use WebKit as our web engine
> and create our own method of rendering the data.  As you might imagine we
> don't really care to much about pictures even though for web correctness we
> have to put in the graphic links and alt tags and stuff.

Why not directly use the Atk/at-spi bridge to get the text from the web 
browser? You could use Xvfb (or such) let webkit run there and use atk+ to get 
the information of the text and such?

The other option would be to turn to create a pure cairo based port first 
(repeated question...) and then work on FontGtk.cpp Font::drawComplexText to 
draw the text the way you want.


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