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ken perry bro.ken.aph at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 20:57:17 PST 2008

I am working on a new PDA for the blind.  We run OE linux, and our GUI is
wrote in python using a python widget UI toolkit that speaks and brailles to
braille displays.  What I need to know is is WebKit engine seperate fully
from the GUI?  I want to create something like WebKitGtk or WebKitQT but we
of course would call it our WebKitTalk or something.  We do have x windows
on the device but if WebKit can run just as the engine we could remove X win
from the device totally and just use WebKit as our web engine and create our
own method of rendering the data.  As you might imagine we don't really care
to much about pictures even though for web correctness we have to put in the
graphic links and alt tags and stuff.

So with that said if WebKit engine is seperate from the GUI does anyone have
a starting point for me or do I just  need to go directory by directory
through the WebKitGtk and create my own set of bindings.  Like is there an
API document I am missing some where.

I have the WebKit source in a directory on my Linux box but I am just
wondering the quickest way to get started.  Also if anyone knows of someone
already making a text based web browser like Lynx  in Linux with WebKit that
would be good source code for me to look at.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

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