[webkit-dev] NWFPE: GtkLauncher takes exception

Srinivas Rao M Hamse msrinirao at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 00:52:46 PST 2008


After a bit of code study and analysing map files found out from where these
exceptions are generated.

Also my ARM does not have any floating point hardware .. also the toolchain
in Not Soft float !
I guess The kernel should fixes these using FPE, But when kernel is handling
these exceptions, it results in performance hit.

They are being generated from two places from JavaScriptCore/kjs modules:
1. *static JSObject* constructDate(ExecState* exec, JSObject*, const
ArgList& args)*

<7>NWFPE: GtkLauncher[1456] takes exception 00000001 at c0034290 from
40ae12a0 -

 - and -

2. *int32_t JSValue::toInt32SlowCase(double d, bool& ok)*
<7>NWFPE: GtkLauncher[1456] takes exception 00000001 at c00346dc from
0xA8FA60 -

These modules call  floating point library functions such as fmod(),
floor(), etc.,

Any help available to fix these exceptions ?

Srinivas Rao. M

On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 6:30 PM, Srinivas Rao M Hamse
<msrinirao at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> I am using WebKit on Gtk Directfb on ARM platform.
> I am getting couple NWFPE exception thrown on console.
> <7>NWFPE: GtkLauncher[1456] takes exception 00000001 at c0034290 from
> 40ae12a0
> Has anyone got this exception. How to resolve this issue.
> Also when this exception happen, does this slow processor execution.
> regards,
> Srinivas Rao. M
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> Srinivas Rao M  Hamse <http://msrinirao.blogspot.com>

Srinivas Rao M  Hamse
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