[webkit-dev] copy/paste/keychain support?

Lev Lvovsky lists2 at sonous.com
Wed Dec 3 13:08:29 PST 2008

Hi Alexey,

On Nov 26, 2008, at 1:09 AM, Alexey Proskuryakov wrote:

> Nov 25, 2008, в 9:31 PM, Lev Lvovsky написал(а):
>> I've recently started using the nightly builds, and I've found that  
>> cut/copy/paste don't work when I run the browser running off of the  
>> nightly webkit library - I wasn't able to find anything about this  
>> online (perhaps I didn't use the right search string) - is this a  
>> known issue?
>> Also, keychain support doesn't seem to work (doesn't remember  
>> passwords etc...) - I can see why this might not be included, but  
>> again, I just wanted to make sure that this is something that's  
>> assumed we should be without in these builds.
> I don't think that either is expected, please file bugs with  
> reproducible steps: <http://webkit.org/quality/reporting.html>. If  
> you are on Mac OS X, please ensure that you don't have any "Safari  
> enhancers" installed, as the symptoms look like something that could  
> be caused by those.

While I did previously install some safari enhancers, I'm fairly  
positive that they've been completely uninstalled - is there any way  
to check?  Installed plugins shows nothing out of the ordinary.

Is there any way to load safari without anything but the default  
plugins installed?  Or for that matter, with no plugins?

thanks for your help!

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