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Jonni.Rainisto at nokia.com Jonni.Rainisto at nokia.com
Wed Aug 13 06:37:53 PDT 2008


I've been following the webkit-dev list for a while now, and I though
that it might be good time to introduce myself and the project that we
have been working on with a small team.

First some general high level introduction jargon for managers or such

Finger-touchable direct manipulation of 2.5D visual objects with
gestures is the new emerging UI paradigm with personal navigation
devices. However, the new paradigm has not reached the web yet -- there
is no way a web developer can embrace the new interaction. In this
project we will look into bringing finger touch and gestures to the web
framework in order to accelerate easy web usage with mobile devices,
with the goal of mobile devices becoming the primary web access method
instead of laptops.

This project is about: 
*	To create innovative web representation platform 
*	Multi-touch, accelerometer (rotation, shaking) and haptics based
interaction mechanisms 
*	Enriching the mobile web content with 2.5D graphics with
hardware accelerated rendering 
*	New JavaScript interaction APIs, Haptics CSS extensions

High Level Architecture: (disclaimer: this is only high level
architecture and some aspects might change during the project)

What we have already up and running:
- Prototype implementation OpenGL ES 1.1 accelerated QT-WebKit running
on ARM based Internet Tablet device (such as N810), reference
implementations of the draft JS API's are somewhat working (no haptics
yet tough). JavaScript test pages receives touch gesture DOM and
accelerometer events quite nicely.

I'm wondering if people in this mailing list would be interested to look
and give feedback/comments to our JS API draft versions and general
feedback for us to see if this would be beneficial for end users. More
detailed draft architecture specifications are also available upon

Our intention is to start contributing our implementation efforts back
to open source, if WebKit community would be interested to receive it?

You can also find me in IRC idling 24/7 on #webkit channel with nick:

Regards, Jonni
Jonni Rainisto
Specialist, Nokia Devices R&D / Technology Strategy and Architecture /
Technology Foresight / New Technology Initiatives
Gsm: +358 50 3038358  Email: jonni.rainisto at nokia.com 

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