[webkit-dev] Desperate for webkit help

Mark hoicem at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 11 17:06:42 PDT 2008

Hi. I've been developing a cocoa application based around webkit for the
last 18 months. It's an auto form filling/submitting tool primarily designed
for adult webmasters to submit their free pages to link lists. (If this is
an problem I guess you can stop reading now)...
Currently development has grinded to a complete hault because of a webkit
issue that we just can't work round. We first noticed the issue with the
release of Safari 3 but it still exists in the last nightly build of webkit.
The issue is this: imagine a simple html form. The form is like so and the
user filled data is in brackets:

Name: (mark)
Email: (whatever at qwerty123456.com)
Url: (http://www.google.com)

Now if we submit this form in Safari/Webkit, 40-50% of the time the web
script will throw up an 'invalid email' or 'invalid url' message. At first
you think 'oh, I must have entered data incorrectly' but clicking back, data
looks fine. Submit same data again, second time round it submits fine!

It seems to happen totally at random, it's like the data visible in the form
fields (ie, the user entered data) is not being passed onto the form when
submit is pressed. It worked fine prior to safari 3 and we know it's a
webkit issue because it only occurs in our app/safari/webkit. Other browsers
submit the same data perfectly each time to the exact same html forms.

It's very hard to nail down. Sometimes it will submit fine first time,
sometimes if it fails first time, it can fail second time and then succeed
third time. You just have to keep submitting the same data until it works.

Can anyone please help with this? It's kinda killed our application and as
the title suggests I'm *desperate* for it to be fixed.

kindest regards

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