[webkit-dev] We are porting webkit to windows ce

ledwinka at 126.com ledwinka at 126.com
Mon Oct 29 22:58:16 PDT 2007

Hi All

	Below is a document I have written up describing the webkit port
that our team want to build. We=A1=AFd like to know what the community =
thinks of
the port we are proposing.

=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D port webcore to wince =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

We create a new port of webcore for windows ce. Right now this port is
compliered by visual studio 2005. The goals for our port are

* As little platform specific code in Webcore as possible.
* Small memory footprint
* Same API as S60Webkit

=3D=3D=3D=3D=3D port javascriptcore to wince =3D=3D=3D=3D=3D

Still in processing

We are asking for help from the rest of the WebKit community on how to =
achieve these goals. We hope this port is friendly for embedded devices,
easy for porting to other handhold device platform.

Here is the website for our porting on sf.net

and this is the maillist

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