[webkit-dev] safari crashes on winXP

Amit Joshi joshi at yahoo-inc.com
Tue Oct 23 22:08:52 PDT 2007

I have been trying to get my dev environment set up for webkit,, for
quite a while actually. I have been able to build webkit.dll
successfully using Visual C++ express edition on my winXP box. But when
I  try to run safari using /frameworkPath option, it crashes during the
When I grab the webkit.dll from nightly build (on nightly.webkit.org),
then I am able to successfully launch safari using the same command. 
That tells me, something is wrong in the way webkit.dll is getting
I have looked at the build logs in webkit (and its dependent projects),
but really the only thing it says, that I didnt know about is some
environment variable called  "BuildBot". It gives that as a warning. Now
I wonder what that variable is used for ? I am already setting
WebKitLibraries and WebkitBuildDir variables, do I also have to set
'BuildBot' ?
In any case, its quite mind-boggling to think that a perfectly well
built dll (from the latest source in the trunk) would cause safari to
crash ? I must be doing something fundamentally wrong ..
Any help is greatly appreciated...
I know I have been this far only because of all the help I got on this
list.. so thanks a lot.. 
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