[webkit-dev] How to debug webkit source on windows platform

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Tue Oct 23 19:24:00 PDT 2007

Thanks in advice.
I found the option "Attach to Process" in menu Debug and Tools, can you tell
me in detail about how to debug using "Attach to Process" option? Because I
built webkit in cygwin, so i think if i want to debug in VS2005, i should
configure something in VS2005, but i don't know how to do.If someone knows,
please tell me!

2007/10/23, Matt Lilek <webkit at mattlilek.com>:
> On 10/23/07, ÖÜÒãÊé <yishu.zhou at famoco.com> wrote:
> >
> > Hi, guys,
> > I built webkit successfully on windows platform, but i didn't create
> > Safari.exe file, so installed Safari on my pc, and copy Safari.exe to
> > WebKitBuild/bin, and then executed run-safari command, it's ok. i want to
> > ask it's right or not? In addition,my question is how to debug webkit source
> > on VS2005 on windows platform.
> > Thinks.
> >
> > --
> > Best
> > yishu
> Open source WebKit only consists of things like the JavaScript and
> rendering engines.  You cannot build Safari.exe as the Safari application
> is closed source.  You don't need to copy anything to the WebKitBuild
> directory, the run-safari script will automatically find the Safari.exeinstalled on your system and launch it with the dll's in WebKitBuild.
> As for debugging in VS2005, there are some brief instructions at the
> bottom of < http://webkit.org/building/debug.html>.  I know in VC++
> Express there's an "Attach to Process" option in one of the menus that you
> can use to debug - what the equivalent of that is in regular Visual Studio,
> I'm not sure (if it's different).
> Hope that helps!
> - Matt

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