[webkit-dev] Is WebKit really working with QT4 ?

Lionel Jive lionel.jive at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 04:17:38 PDT 2007


i'm a newbie for QT and WebKit.  can please somebody clear me up ?

I can successfully build WebKit with QT4 (libqt4-dev-kdecopy), but when 
i run it i get no rendering and some error message such as:

FIXME: UNIMPLEMENTED: ../../../WebCore/platform/qt/WidgetQt.cpp:120 
(virtual void WebCore::Widget::show())
../../../WebKit/qt/WebCoreSupport/FrameLoaderClientQt.cpp:195 (virtual 
void WebCore::FrameLoaderClientQt::forceLayoutForNonHTML())

and when i have a look at FrameLoaderClientQt.cpp if see numerous 
functions that only call notImplemented() ;

does WebKit fully work with QT, or is it a work in progress ?


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