[webkit-dev] Build Errors on windows

Amit Joshi joshi at yahoo-inc.com
Sun Oct 14 19:52:01 PDT 2007

I have been trying to build webkit on my XP box (running cygwin). I
installed QT from a pre-compiled binary, but my qmake version seems to
point to in-correct QT_INSTALL_PREFIX. 
As a result I am getting build errors ..
Calling 'qmake -r OUTPUT_DIR=c:\ydev\webkit\WebKitBuild/Debug
CONFIG+=qt-port c:\ydev\webkit/WebKit.pro CONFIG-=release CONFIG+=debug'
in c:\ydev\webkit\WebKitBuild/Debug ...
Failure to read QMAKESPEC conf file
Error processing project file: c:/ydev/webkit/WebKit.pro
Failed to setup build environment using qmake
Is there any way to build webkit using visual studio (2005) and without
the qmake ...?

I would appreciate any suggestions on this -




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