[webkit-dev] WebKit S60 licensing issues

Zog TheBogue zogthebogue at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 11 06:30:56 PDT 2007


I'm presently trying to build the S60 version for the GCCE target

and there seems to be a lot of problems here (some include file

is missing from trunk and lot of compilation errors).

Reading the GNU LPGL license webkit is licensed with, I was under

the impression that the S60 port has to be available in a form

suitable for re-compilation, which is not the case as of today and given the

low activity on the code, it seems it's not in Nokia plans to deliver a

fully working version.

This appears to me to violate the spirit (or even the letter, but I'm no

lawyer) of the license that the webkit creator chose for their project.

Especially if you consider that S60 devices do ship with a binary version

of this library, so Nokia is able to compile it - they just don't seem to be

willing to let others use their opensource code...

So here's the question: aren't the webkit maintainers/creators pissed off by

this attitude ? Is any action considered for enforcing this license on

Nokia's side ?


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