[webkit-dev] Should we consider switching to git over svn?

Oliver Hunt oliver at apple.com
Mon Oct 8 21:29:36 PDT 2007

In recent weeks/months a number of webkit developers have started  
using Git for day to day development, and have found it very useful.   
Git is yet another revision control system, but unlike RCS's such as  
cvs and svn it allows local branches and makes merging branches much  
easier.  In addition to making bracnhes much more manageable, it has  
a few other advantages:
   * Speed: Git is much faster than svn (which becomes very valuable  
on windows,
   * History: Git's history is much nicer than that of svn,  
especially with regards to patches submitted by people without commit  
rights, as it is able to distinguish the author of a patch from the  
person who committed it.
   * Collaboration:  It is possible for people to publish their git  
tree's in a way that allows them to be tracked by others, allowing  
people to collaborate on bugs and/or features much more easily  
without actually committing to a central repository.

Unfortunately, git is still not as user friendly as svn, and has a  
relatively steep learning curve (largely due to it using some similar  
commands to svn for completely different purposes :-/ )

On the other hand, those of us using git currently have to use the  
git-svn bridge which, while functional, is somewhat slow.  I think  
(and i'm hoping others agree) that despite the slightly more complex  
interface the improved merging, branching, and speed mean that we  
should seriously consider switching to git as our primary RCS.

Any comments from others are welcome.


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