[webkit-dev] Bus error while building WebKit on Mac

David D. Kilzer ddkilzer at kilzer.net
Mon Oct 8 08:18:06 PDT 2007

Xcode 2.4.1 is the latest release.  You should be able to download it from
http://developer.apple.com/, but you'll still need an ADC account
(https://connect.apple.com/) to access this update.  (Installing Xcode 2.4.1
will also update gcc on your system.)

I recommend updating to Xcode 2.4.1.  However if you feel it's too risky to
update, feel free to file a bug anyway.

If you do file a bug, you should also include the crash log that is output when
clicking the "Report..." button in the Crash Reporter dialog.


Song Yuan <song at yuan.se> wrote:

> Hi David,
> I'm using Xcode 2.4 (Component versions Xcode IDE: 759.0, Xcode Core:
> 757.0, ToolSupport: 733.0) and this version of Gcc:
> powerpc-apple-darwin8-gcc-4.0.1 (GCC) 4.0.1 (Apple Computer, Inc.
> build 5363).
> Thanks!
> /Song

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