[webkit-dev] Re: Re: A newBie question about compilation (Artem Ananiev)

Eva Madrazo emr at tid.es
Tue Oct 2 06:54:24 PDT 2007

Thanks Artem,
that was the problem!  I launch the build from windows shell and it 
builds! :)

now I want to test it, launching run-safari, but it doesnt work :( .  
Debugging the script I see that it is trying to launch a safari.exe command.
But I have no safari.exe command in all my system. ¿Have I missed 
something?  Perphaps I have to install safari in order to debug.. I do 
not know..

Thanks in advance,

> Hi, Eva,
> qmake knows nothing about cygwin path notation ('/cygdrive/d/...') so it cannot 
> find the file. This problem may be easily workarounded by passing all the paths 
> to qmake in the form of 'd:\...' (requires some modification to webkitdirs.pm 
> script). You may use `cygpath` utility to convert paths.
> Artem
> Eva Madrazo wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am very new in this, including C++, symbian and webkit. So, apologize for my questions if they are so basic...
>> I was trying to compile webKit in a Windows XP proffesional.
>> I have installed cygwin and Qt (for qmake command).
>> I have download source code from subversion repository.
>> Then, I access to Scripts directory and execute build-webkit and the result is:
>>     $ webkit/webkittools/scripts/build-webkit --debug
>>     Checking mod-date of WebKitSupportLibrary.zip...
>>     Current WebKitSupportLibrary is up to date
>>     Calling 'qmake -r OUTPUT_DIR=/cygdrive/d/webkit/WebKitBuild/Debug
>>     CONFIG+=qt-port /cygdrive/d/webkit/WebKit.pro CONFIG-=release CO
>>     NFIG+=debug' in /cygdrive/d/webkit/WebKitBuild/Debug ...
>>     Cannot find file: \cygdrive\d\webkit\WebKit.pro.
>>     Failed to setup build environment using qmake!
>> But indeed the file exists!!
>>     $ ls /cygdrive/d/webkit/WebKit.pro
>>     /cygdrive/d/webkit/WebKit.pro
>> ¿What's the matter? ..
>> By the way, I have not installed Visual C++ 2005 Express because I would 
>> like to use Carbide C++ ... ¿Is this possible?
>> Thank you very much,
>>      Eva

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