[webkit-dev] Re: /frameworkPath still supported?

Double-Dee Zee doubledeezee at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 12:19:11 PST 2007

Webkit Team,

According to the wiki, you can debug safari in visual studio by
executing safari and passing it parameters that are "the same ones
that run-safari uses, namely the /frameworkPath switch".

I noticed that just a couple of days ago (on 11-14-07) run-safari was
updated to no longer use the /frameworkPath switch.  Instead it uses
the run-webkit-nightly.cmd script.  This script seems to copy all the
files to a temporary directory and run them there rather than using
the /frameworkPath option.  Does this mean /frameworkPath is no longer

It seems like the instructions for debugging on windows on the wiki no
longer work.

This is important to me since previously it was very easy to debug
WebKit from within Visual Studio.  Under the "Debugging" Webkit
property page, I set "Command" to /Program Files/Safari/Safari.exe and
"Command Arguments" to /frameworkPath:c:\source\WebKit\WebKitBuild\bin
/debug.  Then debugging from visual studio launches safari and debugs

Now, it no longer works for me.  Although, I am coming back to this
after some time of inactivity so maybe I am doing something wrong, but
I don't think so.

So questions are:

-what is the best way to debug from within the visual studio GUI on windows?
-is /frameworkPath still supported?  why is it no longer used from run-safari?
-the wiki needs to be updated since the comment about the arguments
that run-safari uses is no longer correct


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