[webkit-dev] Origyn BAL abstraction for WebKit: branch request

Jean-Charles VERDIE (Pleyo) jcverdie at pleyo.com
Mon Nov 12 03:03:53 PST 2007

Dear webkit stakeholders

Back in july, Pleyo announced a new port of Webkit, not onto a  
specific platform but over an Abstraction Layer that we called OwBAL  
and which lets us address specific needs which do not perfectly fit  
with the "platform" approach. Actually, our goals are to be able to  
adapt WebKit not to a platform, but a set of libraries which can be  
all-but-one identical, or completely different, or whatever. Platform  
approach makes sense when porting to a comprehensive environment, but  
it does not address our needs. So that platform made big parts of the  
code redundant for us.

Today, our abstraction code is almost mature and we'd like to move it  
back to webkit.org. I believe that since our changes are quite  
intrusive in many parts of webcore, jscore and platform, a branch  
could be a good start where we could put the code so that we can start  
advocating some (if not all) of our changes to eventually end up being  
part of webkit trunk.

Can anyone tell me how to process?

Best regards,

Jean-Charles Verdié

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Pleyo, CTO
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skype: jcverdie

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