[webkit-dev] Re: Moving away from qmake

Alp Toker alp at atoker.com
Mon Nov 12 00:11:59 PST 2007

Mike Emmel wrote:
> Here is my autoconf build files
> They are for my current  projects but I think they could readily be
> cleaned up to b used with the standard build.
> I found that having a single Makefile did not incur any performance problems.

Mike, just had a look over this and it's looking like a good start. Thanks!

Was wondering, do you have any fixes to the Cairo graphics or CURL http 
backends in your tree, or anything that might be useful to WebKit upstream?

If you provide your HTTP fixes, for example, I'll have more time to fix 
the remaining Cairo SVG bugs, which you can then pull back into your 
private branch, so everyone wins.

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