[webkit-dev] JavaScriptCore on Leopard?

Darin Adler darin at apple.com
Wed Nov 7 20:41:45 PST 2007

On Nov 7, 2007, at 8:07 PM, Dan Waylonis wrote:

> I noticed that JavaScriptCore is now in /System/Library/Frameworks  
> instead of being packaged inside of WebKit. I'd like to use JSC as a  
> generic JS engine within an application w/o a WebKit view. I saw the  
> JSPong sample code which is really neat, but I'd like to have the  
> same Obj-C bridge that a WebKit based application would have.

That Objective-C API is only available at the WebKit level.

> - Is JSC now thread-safe? Or was it always and just WebKit was not?

Yes, JavaScriptCore was always thread-safe; but really a moot point  
since it didn't have any API.

On the other hand, current versions of JavaScriptCore are not nearly  
as efficient when used from multiple threads as when only used from one.

> - What are the ".bridgesupport" files inside of the framework's  
> Resources directory?

Wow, I have no idea!

I think this has to do with general bridging from other programming  
languages and has nothing directly to do with JavaScript.

> Does this replace the JavaScriptGlue that was floating around with  
> previous releases?

Yes, JavaScriptCore does replace JavaScriptGlue. JavaScript was an old  
C programming interface for using JavaScript directly, but it was  
incomplete, less efficient than JavaScript's new API, and never was  
made into API.

But no, the .bridgesupport files have nothing to do with that.

> - Is there an API for an Obj-C bridge?


     -- Darin

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