[webkit-dev] Augmenting WebKit contextual menus for non-plugin content

Nathan Duran webkit at khiltd.com
Tue May 22 12:02:25 PDT 2007

I need to add a set of menu items to the contextual menu that WebKit based
browsers display in response to a control click on standard image files
which do not require plugins to view. My first thought was that I would be
able to create a dummy plugin which registered itself for all the same MIME
types as WebImageView, and then just go ahead and instantiate one of those
after poking in a UI delegate to generate the new menu items. Unfortunately,
I cannot find any sort of public interface or implementation for
WebImageView anywhere in the WebKit source tree (so much for "open source"),
and as far as I can tell, plugin code never executes unless there's content
for it, so this doesn't seem like it's going to work out.

I'd rather not go the generic Contextual Menu Plugin route, as I don't want
this code running anywhere other than WebKit browsers, and it seems as
though there would be a great deal of hideous coercion involved in getting a
pointer to the WebView the WebKit plugin protocol hands you for free. SIMBL
and "Haxies" are similarly right out of the picture.

I searched through the archives and the only mention I could find of
anything similar pertained to something known as SafariStand, and the
explanatory link that was offered has long since gone dead. Is there any
officially sanctioned means of accomplishing what seems like it should be a
fairly trivial feat, or am I stuck guessing at what WebImageView does based
on its method names?

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