[webkit-dev] Build S60Webkits within Carbide.c++ 1.0

Marcus Groeber marcus.groeber.at.nuance at bugcom.de
Mon May 21 05:16:35 PDT 2007

bradley.morrison at nokia.com schrieb:
> I'm afraid the Carbide.c++ 1.0 IDE does not scale well to the size of
> WebKit; people tend to edit the source in their favourite editor and then
> compile/run the emulator with the provided scripts.
What did actually work for me is build WebKit with Carbide.c++ 1.2 (due 
to the massively improved ability to import complex bld.inf files into 
the IDE, and then defer the building to the usual command line tools).

You won't be able to use the build.bat script that comes with WebKit, so 
you will need to set up a permanent "subst" of X: to the EPOCROOT of 
your 3rd Edition SDK by hand (note that "3rd Edition MR" will not work, 
unfortunately!), and create an additional SDK descriptor for devices.exe 
that refers to your X: drive as the EPOCROOT:

    Device: S60_3rd_X:com.nokia.s60
    Root is X:\
    Tools path is X:\

It may still be necessary to run the original build script at least once 
to copy the necessary support files in the right location, but after 
this, I was able to rebuild and debug Reindeer from inside Carbide.c++ 
(though only as an experiment).

Please let me know if you would like me document this somewhere (the 
WebKit wiki?) in some more detail...

ciao marcus

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