[webkit-dev] Build S60Webkits within Carbide.c++ 1.0

Jin, Yihua jyh.hsc at 163.com
Sun May 20 01:19:41 PDT 2007

Thanks a lot morrison,
And i fould that each component in webkit, for example webcore.dll, it created 
so many threads, and it's terribly for me to attach/debuge them,
is there common knowledeg in debuging S60 process/applications ? thanks

Jin, Yihua£¬jyh.hsc at 163.com
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Hi Yihua,

I'm afraid the Carbide.c++ 1.0 IDE does not scale well to the size of
people tend to edit the source in their favourite editor and then
the emulator with the provided scripts.

Note that it is possible to debug the S60WebKit through Carbide using
'attach to running process' method.



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Subject: [webkit-dev] Build S60Webkits within Carbide.c++ 1.0

Hi everybody:
   I followed the instructions in
and build the S60webkits, and I want to edit the source in Carbide and
see the modified webkits
in the emulator epoc32, can anyone kindly guide me?
Best Regards, Yihua
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