[webkit-dev] Re: Future of Webkit for Windows?

Alp Toker alp.toker at collabora.co.uk
Tue Jun 26 17:50:29 PDT 2007

Arno wrote:
> On Jun 26, 2007, at 11:09, Darin Adler wrote:
>> On Jun 26, 2007, at 11:00 AM, Double-Dee Zee wrote:
>>> does the use of non-redistributable support libraries force Adobe to 
>>> maintain their own WebKit branch?
>> No.
>> Adobe should bring their changes back into the webkit.org tree, using 
>> ifdefs as appropriate.
> we, Adobe, plan to do the following:
> a/ merge the latest WebKit top-of-tree with our changes (we're waiting 
> for a certain Jesus-device to be released before doing so)
> b/ publish our branch as we make available future public beta builds of 
> Apollo
> b/ submit our changes back to WebKit top-of-tree. This will happen as 
> soon as we ship Apollo 1.0.
> We have no intention of forking our branch.
> Note that we are using Cairo to render on Windows, not Quartz. We are 
> not using CoreFoundation either. The availability of both of those 
> libraries when Safari shipped were interesting surprises, but we do not 
> expect to change our plan at this point.


I've been working on the WebKit Cairo backend for the last couple of
months as part of the Gtk+ port (but the code is entirely cross-platform).

In that time we've fixed up the core GraphicsContextCairo, added initial
SVG support and are working on Canvas support. You can track our
progress in the SVN history and the bug tracker. Could you explain with
a little more detail how your contributions merge against the current
tip-of-tree so we can coordinate our efforts and avoid duplication?

If there are any specific areas you think need work, I'd be happy to
look into them personally or work together with your team.


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