[webkit-dev] Firefox spoofing in Safari 3.0 and Gmail issues

Andre-John Mas ajmas at sympatico.ca
Sun Jun 17 14:16:10 PDT 2007

On 17-Jun-07, at 15:42 , Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> On Jun 17, 2007, at 9:57 AM, Andre-John Mas wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In Safari 3.0 it is now possible to change the user agent to  
>> Firefox
>> In doing so the Gmail site does not render at all. Well it  
>> displays but no
>> formatting is provided, not even HTML elements.
>> Is this a known issue? Build is 522.11.
> I noticed this myself as well. You can't necessarily expect sites  
> to always work when spoofing as another user agent. GMail in  
> particular sends rather different content depending on your  
> browser. I do seem to recall it working earlier though, and I am  
> not sure if it's a WebKit change or a GMail site change that makes  
> it not work at all now. It used to be that spoofing sort of worked  
> and enabled the Quick Contacts feature.

Well I suppose that's what happens when web site try being too smart.  
The real
reason I had changed the user agent was to see if the rendering of  
the contact
list was now working properly. Since the page is so messed up I can't  


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