[webkit-dev] Icon cache clearing

Kevin M. Dean kevin at rhubarbproductions.com
Fri Jun 15 05:37:21 PDT 2007

I'm posting this here since I don't know think it's a bug with  
webkit, more an issue with the Safari 3 beta logic.

Has anyone noticed when switching back and forth between running  
Safari 3 beta and Webkit that everytime you launch Safari 3 it clears  
the icon cache.

For instance I can load a couple of bookmarks under Safari 3 and they  
appear in my bookmarks bar menu (in a new window since they don't  
update into the current window), then I can launch webkit and also  
see the bookmark icons. But when I relaunch Safari 3, it wipes out  
the icon cache file. It doesn't clear it when simply restarting  
Safari... only when switching between the two. Quite annoying.

Kevin M. Dean
Vice President/Multimedia Producer
kevin at rhubarbproductions.com
Creative Multimedia - Web Design/Hosting, CD-ROMs, Kiosks

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